Shock absorber - high volume
  • Shock absorber - high volume

Shock absorber - high volume

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Universal shock absorber.
These shockers are high volume shockers and they DO NOT LEAK!
Travel of this universal shocker is enlarged by 10% in the same length !
100-144mm travel length.

Cleon MMX front, Hörmann HT1/HT2 rear.


A special teflon coating is used on the shocker housing for low friction and to reduce wear to a minimum.
The rounded shaped piston with a precise fit provides a minimum contact surface for even less friction & wear.

The piston rod is hardened and presicely grinded and will not corrode.
The special seal at the bottom provides a fully closed shocker even in harse dusty conditions.
But not only does it close the shocker.
It is selected also as the "stick-slip" resistance is significant lower as other currently used seals.
The dampening proces is therefor more true; and not influenced by high friction like o-rings cause.
A low friction piston together with low friction seal ensures an optimal dampening proces.

As there is no leakage of oil, there can also not come any air into the oil medium.
The shock absorber therefor does not get soft or feels like a sponge, but remains stabil as set at the start.
Also after half an hour of non-stop driving.
The spring disc allows maximum travel as the dirt scraper fits in the disc at full compression.

Travel: 100-144mm
Sold as a set (2 pcs).