TSL Tri Star Oli Fortifier
  • TSL Tri Star Oli Fortifier

TSL Tri Star Oli Fortifier

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High preformance oil fortifier

Adding volume in 2-stroke oil - 25ml oil fortifier per 1liter 2-stroke oil.

Adding volume in differential oil 3%.

1 flacon 0,5l.

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TSL contains unique active and passive chemical components.

The active components provide direct protection against friction and wear; the passive components attach to the metal and provide long-term protection.

The usual one-off metal and engine treatments have only a temporary effect and thus need to be repeated or topped up. Moreover, a limitation of oil additives is that in general they cannot become active until the oil temperature rises. Only at high temperatures are the friction-reducing components activated.
The composition of the TSL oil fortifier is such that it benefits from the best properties of both treatment methods.

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