• MRS 26CC - Race Ported
  • MRS 26CC - Race Ported
  • MRS 26CC - Race Ported
  • MRS 26CC - Race Ported
  • MRS 26CC - Race Ported
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Cilinder kit - MRS 26CC

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Tuned cilinder kit 26CC from MRS based upon the Zenoah. With cylinder- and piston porting.
Features: very low fuel consumption, high torque in lower rev area and reaches high RPM. Fully CNC machined.
Read before the directions of use for a long life time cycle and optimum performance.

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The piston is machined inside and outside. Inside for a reduction of weight. Outside for an optimalisation of the flow of the fuel mixture. The piston has 4 extra transfer ports made in axial direction, which enlarges the area of flow and smoothens the flow of the fuel mixture towards the combustion chamber. Not only a higher volume can flow through, also lubrication is optimized, which pro longues the life time of the piston. The outside diameter directly above and under the piston ring is slightly trimmed. This results in a better lubrication of the piston ring and piston. As last modification, the top of the piston has been trimmed for compensating the increased compression as a result of the cylinder tuning.

The cylinder has been trimmed at the bottom to reduce the squish and setting the timing of the ports correct. The cylinder is mounted to the crank housing with liquid gasket. Inside the cylinder is only machined very little on the exhaust port, for timing purpose and maintaining a correct pulse. This helps to reduce the fuel consumption. At the transfer ports the eye-brows have been machined, inside the EFRA regulations set for inlet porting. Also the seperation wall of the transfer ports have been modified for higher volume and optimized flow properties of the fuel mixture. All modifications are carried out by CNC for repeatability and identical tuning on each engine.

Directions of use:

At first use, start with following needle settings of the carb:

L needle:  1 1/8 turn opened

H needle:  1 5/8 turn opened.

The first time let the engine iddle for about 10 minutes, after this cool down engine.

Drive with the engine for 10 minutes, do not open throttle more then 1/3rd, cool down engine.

Drive 2 tanks with around maximum 3/4rd throttle open.

Never let the engine rev towards the top end of its RPM when running in. When the engine is going to reach the top of its rev, directly go back to iddle.


Always idle the engine for about 2 minutes and/or keep your RPM low when cold. This is essential, as the piston is highly modified and is of significant lower mass. Due to being less material present, the piston will heat up much quicker and so it expands quicker as well. Directly going high revs or running full throttle with a cold engine might lead to excessive wear and/or damage of the piston and/or cylinder.

Lubrication 1:25 is advised using a full synthetical 2-stroke racing oil.

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