Welcome Jonas Van Den Bossche

Published : 01/05/2019 13:12:26
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Welcome Jonas Van Den Bossche

We received warm words from Belgium, Sint Amands:
 -"It is a great car and was a nice experience building the FourteX. I just love the technique in this car"-
Jonas Van Den Bossche.

Jonas started driving a Short Course taking it to a track and drive along a parcours with like minded people. As many of you know what then happens also happened to Jonas: he got bit by the rc-racing bug.

What starts at racing some local venue has already grown towards racing well known venues of MMR Elst, RCOB Hapert and even the Snertrace. After the Short Course adventure Jonas decided he wanted something different and opted for the 4WD buggy class. His choice is to join the race season 2019 with the FourteX. We wish you all joy, fun and luck Jonas - pedal to the medal !

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