UCC - Race 1, Zeeland

Published : 06/17/2019 21:56:41
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UCC - Race 1, Zeeland

It was a troublesome start for the winner Ken Walckiers who had to start from last position. It took a while to overtake strong competitors Steven Stappaerst and Remco de Loof. But after a good 10 minutes Ken sneaked through and could then drive away securing the first win in the 4WD class. An excellent 2nd by Remco, shortly chased in 3rd by Steven.

In 2WD it was Luke van de Berg who had a tough fight with Ferry. Places were swapped between these 2 several times in a great to watch fight with both cars on a fully different pace than the rest of the driver field. After about 10 minutes some small mistakes from Ferry gave Luke the gap he needed and pressure was released. He drove furtheron a rock steady final finishing first. Ferry came in 2nd and Mathias Maebe gathered valuable points in 3rd.

Well done everyone and see you soon for race 2!

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