Megacross - Mike, Kevin and Leo on top

Published : 10/15/2019 21:55:44
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Megacross - Mike, Kevin and Leo on top

Fierce, fierce ow glorious fight. Racing with a big "R". Promotion for the RC hobby and more exciting than any race seen this year did unroll itself in the fight for the win.

It was Kevin taken his fresh new purchased car for its maiden drive, showing stellar skills together with Mike. A fight did develop in the first stages of the race where a few other pilots did shortly mix in chasing these leaders. But soon they proved to be driving in a league of their own. Lap after lap the fight for victory unrolled between these 2. When Mike tought he sneeked just 1 or 2 corners away the next 2 rounds he found himself chased within centimeters by Kevin. Then Kevin in the lead and Mike haunted him down.

It happened over and over again and was anyones game up till the very last minute. Kevin leading, not by much, made one of the very rare mistakes where Mike could just past by and catch a 2 sec lead. It was enough to secure the gap and finish first. But just as big respect and congratulations are there for Kevin. At a very solid pace Leo secured excellent 3rd spot but could never realy catch the 2 guys in front which were realy a class on their own.

Well done boys it was a race not to forget.


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