GP Elst - 4WD win & double podiums

Published : 09/29/2019 21:58:14
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GP Elst -  4WD win & double podiums

Henk Mulder took the win in 4WD putting his Fourtex on the top spot at GP in Elst. Driving many races this year progress is there and sweet victory well deserved for Henk. A great 2nd spot was made by Leo van Oort who was busy running both classes which was a bit handfull. Neverthelesss a great result for him in the 4WD class. In 3rd it was Sjoerd Lubbelinkhof completing the 4WD podium in Elst.

In 2WD it was all weekend Luke van de Berg showing on top of the ranking at his home track. Ferry tried to chase Luke but lost connection after some minor mistakes. Still a great 2nd spot for him. In 3rd it was Mike Smit who drove his Bad Toro to a bronze medal place.

In both classes a great succes making a double podium. Well done boys, congratulations all !

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