GP Czech Republic - Stařeč

Published : 06/13/2019 21:12:01
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GP Czech Republic - Stařeč

A great turn out on this first international Grand Prix at the club of RCA Stařeč. We could write an essay but will not. The smiling faces speak for themselves.

Great venue, great atmosphere. A big big thanks towards Ludvik Krejcar and his team making this all possible.

You are the true winners of the event - thanks, thanks, thanks for all your effort put in.

In 2WD we saw a full Elcon TraxX podium with Martin Kraus, Petr Hartman and Ferry Fernee.

The 4WD was won by a strong performance of Tim Vander Elst. While Ro Walraven collected top spot at the Short Course class.

Silverware as an encouragement was there for juniors Tomas Kraus and Lars Abbes, both making 12th spot in the final ranking in 2WD and 4WD.

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