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  • UCC - Race 1, Zeeland
    Published : 06/17/2019 21:56:41 | Categories : Default

    A new season of the United Club Championship has started. Race 1 is in the books and was held at the MRCZ track in Zeeland.

  • GP Czech Republic - Stařeč
    Published : 06/13/2019 21:12:01 | Categories : Default

    One of Europe's best tracks is where the GP of Czech Republic was held. The place to be: Stařeč. A superb event was rolled out over 4 days on the pentacost weekend. Under blue skies, sunny wheather and even under artificial light a great race was driven in 3 classes. An event to remember and return to next year.

  • Maël French Champion & Stanley wins at MMR
    Published : 06/02/2019 21:09:44 | Categories : Default

    Season 2019 is already in the books for France. Maël wins and is already crowned French Champion. But also succes for Stanley de Jong at MMR taking the win.

  • May's podium finishers
    Published : 05/26/2019 19:33:24 | Categories : Default

    With the season in full swing May shows some new faces on podiums around Europe. Strong results achieved with both the Fourtex and Traxx.

  • Young Guns - Go for it
    Published : 04/29/2019 20:58:23 | Categories : Default

    Season has taken of, so have the youngsters. Tomas Kraus from Czech Republic made his first top 3 finish at RC Brezi with his TraxX. On 4WD this time in France, winner at Billio in pouring rainy weekend: Mael Beaucher. The FourteX full force ahead there and flowers for Mael. Not too long ago, a youngster, hmm let's keep it at an experienced youngster. Kris la Gasse topped podium at the indoor of the RCOB. Wonderful results boys, well done and congrats to you all.

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